Coordinator Talk - May 2016

Dear Shed Members

I thought it was about time to give you an update on what has been and will be happening at the Shed in 2016. It is probably a little late in the year for an update, but as you know everything is relative to the time available.

Anyway, we still have our hand up for access to the Warners Park Centre as part of the re-purposing of the former Northbridge Bowling Club site. Willoughby City Council is undertaking an Expression of Interest for the use of the Menís Bowling Club building, which will conclude in early August. Hopefully, following this, we will be able to put in our own Expression of Interest for the Warners Park Centre and its surrounds. The current main user, the Out of School Hours group, have a lease until the end of 2016, so we would not be able to occupy the site until then anyway. In the meantime we are going on with planning for the relocation of equipment and the refurbishments needed to the building. We have a great range of options should we be lucky enough to occupy the building. I think this is a watch this space event.

Back in the current building there a quite a few things going on. As you will be aware we have had a number of maintenance issues with our machinery. The Planer (thicknesser) has had new cutters installed and has been tuned up, the Jointer is having the height adjustment mechanism replaced due to a breakage and we have replaced the Belt / Disc Sander due to breakage. The broken part of the Sander will be repaired but this will take time and since the machine is heavily used we thought it best to have a functioning machine on hand.

All three of the machines have failed due to misuse or a lack of knowledge on how they operate.

PLEASE before you use the machines make sure you know how the machine works and follow the instructions. If you try to adjust the machine and it takes too much force STOP ... get help.

When using the planer all timber must be checked with the metal detector, no exceptions. After all, it only took a week for the new cutters to be damaged.

On a lighter note, our range of community projects is rapidly expanding and we need to organise some regular Mondays as Special Project Days, so please have a look at your diaries to see when you can help.

We have agreed to assist in Project Christmas Child by making small toys and pencil boxes, graduation crosses for Year 6 students at St Thomasí Willoughby (a follow up to our very successful Billy Cart Days), nest boxes for Willoughby City Council, native beehives for preschools, toys for local childcare groups and whatever happens to crop up in the meantime.

We are also planning to again host a stall at the Willoughby Spring Fair in September. For this we need to make a range of small but useful items for sale. All ideas for projects to sell are welcome, as are volunteers to make them. I feel that the time is right to reinforce the Shed philosophy of 1/3 your time for Yourself, 1/3 for the Shed and 1/3 for the Community. I know we all have competing commitments and quite often our time at the Shed is project oriented, but we all need to make sure we do our bit to support the Shed and the Community.

Our first Special Project Day is on May 30th starting at 10.00 am with BBQ Lunch provided, please put this in your diary in PEN.